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Famna – The Swedish Association for Non-Profit Health and Social Service Providers
Famna – The Swedish Association for Non-Profit Health and Social Service Providers
Famna represents the many providers of non-profit, ideas and value based health care and social service in Sweden. Famna’s objective is to highlight the added values and the quality that these providers – our members – supply to health and social care in Sweden. This sector exists and thrives alongside two more often discussed sectors, i.e. public care providers and private profit-making organizations, but this third sector deserves more attention and a more level playing field.

Famna participates in public discussions about healthcare and social service issues and aims at influencing political decisions at local, regional and national level in order to facilitate growth and development of the civil society and non-profit sector. Famna represents a range of organizations from foundations and associations to cooperatives and private ltd companies. They operate in fields such as care for elderly, health care, women’s shelters, housing for homeless and a variety of social services and care. Since the beginning of 2017, Famna has extended its target groups and also now includes Work Integrating Social Enterprises (WISE), who combine production of goods and services for the market with the aim of social and professional integration of disadvantaged individuals.

Some examples of current issues are: financing the sector and the need for investment capital, public procurement and its implementation; how to improve diversity and citizens’ freedom to choose provider, and how to improve and develop innovation in the non-profit sector. Some of these issues are dealt with in public commissions, where Famna is represented in reference groups or in other forms. We also collaborate with other providers within the non-profit sector on issues of joint issues in order to strengthen our members’ positions and potential to grow and work on equal terms. Famna continuously supports its members in their quality improvement work and aspirations. Some of these endeavors are carried out in the form of special projects, receiving external financing through for example, The Swedish ESF Council (The European Social Fund) or Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, some of it is done in the format of Famna’s own Forum for Values.






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